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What is a Muse?


“In Greek mythology, Muses are the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. They were considered the source of the knowledge embodied in the poetry and song.


In modern figurative usage, a Muse may be a source of inspiration.”


What is a Mindset Coach?

Mindset Coaches advise people how they can become happier by way of being more successful through changes in habits, thinking, and possibly most importantly, moral support.


Mindset coaching has been made popular by many highly successful people over the years. Rising first to popularity with Madonna in the 1990’s.


What is a Movement Coach?

A movement coach is someone who helps redefine the way you move. Mara's specialty is flow movement. Do you require adding grace or power to your movements? Mara is your gal.

Why is Mara passionate about this?

I, Mara, see and honor the greatness within you.


I am fiercely dedicated to helping people see, embrace, and grow their GREATNESS.

You were born for all that you DESIRE and you DESERVE everything you dream of.


It is only through: social programming, negative unsupported life experiences, and social dysfunction that you may have lost some of the fire that drives you.


You have deep desires that deserve to be honored. The absolute best part is, not only are they all possible, they already exist and are VERY nearby… literally waiting for you!! You ready to reach out?


I am beyond passionate about helping people release themselves from the mundane and stepping into the embodied and passionate life experience they want.


Fill out the application below so we can get you to actualize your dream life - right NOW.


*Your dreams are MUCH closer than you realize.


What is Moral Support?

mor·al sup·port

/ˈmôrəl səˈpôrt/


“If you give someone moral support, you encourage that person and show that you approve of what they are doing, rather than giving practical help.”

How committed are you to changing your habits and life?
Are you ready to *financially* commit to yourself?

Thanks for submitting! I will be in touch with you soon!

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